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Tossing the lines and setting off the dock SOLO can be very intimidating and a lot to think about:

Where do you start?

What do you need to prepare?

What if you want to do a multi-day sail, but also need sleep?

Sail Libra has developed SOLO SAIL INSTRUCTION for the Summer of 2024 in New England! We Offer:

  1. One Sailor, One Day Workshop - a one day individual course to prepare you for single-handed sailing

  2. One Sailor Sails Away 3-day Seminar - 3 days on board to learn all the ins-and-outs of solo sailing


The instructor focusses on getting you ready and up-to-speed with everything you need to know and consider when you are sailing solo on a larger vessel and/or longer passages. As always with Sail Libra, our philosophy is Safety, Comfort and Sailing - in that order! Once you embark, there will be theory followed by practice. Because this is one-on-one training, we can design and teach to your specific level of skill and your future sailing goals! Of course, the weather and wind direction are always a factor at play and we will decide on the route closer to date.


The specific training dates can be reserved in consultation anywhere between June and November and the training grounds are in New England. Depending on the dates, the training will either be on Libra with Captain Ryan or on our partner boat Effie with Captain Shook. The waters around Connecticut, Rhode Island and New York offer the perfect practice grounds with lots of interesting areas and challenges.


Our "One Sailor, One Day" package rate is $1250.  The "One Sailor Sails Away" 3-day package rate is $2800 and includes room & board. When on board, everything is included. Just get yourself to the vessel and we'll take it from there. Prior to the adventure, you will receive the Captain's Letter with more information and a little bit of preparation work. However, we are not going to quiz you on your knowledge. We believe in learning by doing and practice makes perfect!

LOCATION: New York, Connecticut and Rhode Island [depending on the dates and in accordance with each other]

DATES: Options between early June and late October 2024

PRICE: between $1250  - $2800 for private instruction

Sounds good and ready to set sail? First, we need to know a little bit more about you and your goals!



Have a specific place you would like to sail or want to block off an entire passage for you and your friends and family.  Contact us and share your idea.  Libra runs many private trips a year between our regular public legs.  All you have to do is find up to 6 people and we can get you offshore.  For an example pricing of a private passage, just find an equivalent public passage and deduct 15%, that will get you a good estimate.

If you have a sailing school, yacht club, local sailing charter or any group of up to 6 people and they can request a private sail. 

Contact us:

+1 251 923 8825 [TEXT]

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