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Interactive Sailing Workshops

Ready to be immersed?

Ever wondered the in and out's of sailboats, Diesel Engines, dingy outboards, keel bolts, electronics, pretty much every aspect of sailing your own boat?  The workshops listed below will cover many topics, feel free to bring your own topics and questions.  It's like an onboard Q & A...

Passage 10 - 2022

"long weekend trip"

Around Long Island NY!  5 DAYS  350NM

$2250  4 BUNKS OPEN


  • June 17th to June 21st, 2022

  • September 16th to September 20th, 2022

Immersive Cruiser Training:


Board on June 16th anytime for a night at the marina or mooring in Newport, RI, followed by a long weekend of cruiser training through some of New England's sailing hot-spots and disembark on the 21st.


This route is created specifically as an introduction to the cruising lifestyle, while exposing you to night sailing and learning all the basics of modern marine electronics like radar, GPS, AIS and many more. This trip is also for current boat owners that would like to get to know the area before visiting it on their own yacht.  Adventurers are welcome; you don't have to know anything about sailing.



This weekend starts with a 30 nautical miles sail from Newport to Block Island, RI, where we will anchor in the harbor for the evening. You will have time to go ashore and explore the island Friday afternoon (depending on our length of sail). Saturday morning we discuss weather and routing, then we'll plot this information onto a paper chart.  Paper charts are still often used. Even though the one on the GPS is essentially the same, paper does have great advantages for plotting your course and your area specific charts should be on the vessel and referenced for more information.

Departing Block Island Saturday afternoon we will aim for the anchorage in New York City directly north of Ellis Island.  This overnight passage from Block island will take us on an South-West course for 120 nautical miles, before turning North into the Ambrose Channel under the Verrazano Bridge (once the largest suspension bridge in the world) and into NYC.  Drop our anchor for a night near the Statue of Liberty in full view of lower Manhattan.  Enjoy the sights and visit NYC if time permits.

Sunday afternoon we will weigh anchor and head into the East River passing under many famous bridges and out into Long Island Sound for another overnight passage back to towards Newport.  We'll sail to an anchorage somewhere along the Connecticut coast, arriving sometime in the mid morning or afternoon.  Enjoy our last evening together at Anchor discussing all aspects of the trip thus far.  Our next leg of the voyage take us right back into Newport. Expect an afternoon arrival; you can either stay the night aboard again or have plans for the night.  Airports are located near a taxi ride away.

After the trip you will understand many fundamental principles of cruising you may never knew existed, have your current cruising questions answered and become more confident in your abilities aboard any vessel.

Choose this passage for the perfect long weekend and to learn a great deal about the area and the cruising lifestyle...

Great for couples or individuals, private cabins available for 2 couples.  This voyage can also be booked privately on a different date.


Passage 14 - 2022

Maine to Connecticut!  8 DAYS  350NM

$3725  6 BUNKS OPEN


  • August 19st to August 27th, 2022

Immersive Cruiser Training:


Niantic Connecticut is Libra's home base during the 2022 summer, come see this quaint small Connecticut town starting from Portland, Maine. This will be a complete Cruiser Training trip, from setting and retrieving the anchor to inspecting the rig and engine. This passage will be a slower paced coastal cruising experience. It was designed to give you a break in the evening as we'll try to be anchored most nights for dinner ashore or aboard depending on where the hook falls. As with all of Libra's Cruiser Training trips, the stops and anchorages vary based on weather, just like real cruising.

This is a slower paced Cruiser Training trip. It includes everything listed on the above workshop. except a longer sail, more exposed and offshore for parts of it.

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