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Libra "in" the scene ::o::


Libra and the crew have been filmed, in movies, seminars, podcasts, music videos and just generally end up in some interesting situations or simply capture fantastic photos and video.  Below we'll share some of the most memorable moments in Libra's vast and interesting life.


Did you read all about the history of Libra here, if so enjoy this gallery of pictures from building Libra and a few of her first sails.




podcasts are a good way to share information online, Captain Ryan has been on quite a few.  Check out the links and videos below to view or listen to the podcast.

The below video is a podcast by Zingaro, we sat and talked at length about boats and lots about Libra's massive centerboards.

Sometimes we get people that already live the lifstyle but want to gain more confidence in their sailing abilities, Like Desiree from Project Atticus, She came aboard in 2018 for a training trip North in the Gulf of Mexico, sailing from Isla Mujeres, Mexico to Pensacola, FL.  Check out there full channel here and hit that subscribe button. Watch the two part series below for what sailing on Libra is all about..

Audio only podcasts



Odd Life Crafting Duca and Roberta visited Libra in St Martin, took a little tour and turned it into a video!

Videos produced by us

We "try" to keep the camera's rolling when we are doing interesting and fun stuff.  The problem is we are always doing interesting stuff and having fun so its hard to keep up!  We do have some great videos on Facebook and Youtube

21_LIBRA_PassageLagosCanary_MarianaLopes copy.jpg




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